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We make portals on the Microsoft SharePoint Server platform.
And we do it well.


Every company regards processes both inside their systems and between their clients, counterparties or simply the public. Well-formulated and comprehensive processes determine the success of the company and its work. They allow to respond quickly to external or internal changes, to make smart decisions using all the necessary information and to ultimately automate the work of the company, saving its employees and management from psychological pressure due to uncertainty and failure to make sense of the current situation. Such operation processes are very similar to the program code execution. That is why, being an IT company with the core team of software engineers, we perfectly understand how this should be set up. Our product is a software solution, that is why we adhere to the processes that cover its entire life cycle. This gives confidence to both our clients and us that the product is not just launched into the corporate environment of the customer with, perhaps, outdated requirements, but "lives" there a full life, performs its functions and helps our clients to achieve their goals.


Our approach to support the product throughout its life cycle allows us to be engaged in the development and maintenance of solutions of our customers at any stage. We do not just fully implement new ideas, but support our functioning solutions.

We use the following development process:


It is important at this stage to determine the main objectives and tasks of the project, to determine the needs of the organization and to develop options and recommendations. This involves the analysis of the nature and the severity of the existing problems of the company, the existing infrastructure, the consideration of alternative solutions with the determination of their value, benefits and positive effects. It is very important to understand why many large organizations around the world choose the SharePoint platform and spare no money for its implementation and development.


Our team creates developments based on Agile methodology involving the maximum interaction with the client. The main ideas of this approach are:

  • people and interaction are more important than processes and tools
  • a working product is more important than exhaustive documentation
  • cooperation with the customer is more important than harmonization of the contract terms
  • readiness for changes is more important than following the original plan

This approach is based on the use of iterative development, where every iteration results in the gradual product improvement and development. Each iteration consists of a software project in miniature, and includes tasks, which are necessary to gain functionality. All this allows to timely detect and eliminate irregularities, which prevent to achieve the desired result, to be certain in mutual understanding with the client, to adapt quickly to changing conditions, to minimize risks from the use of relatively short cycles, and to make changes promptly even at the end of development, increasing the competitive advantage of the product and its users. Each iteration includes:

  • Analysis of the current requirements
  • Iteration planning
  • Designing
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Evaluation of the current iteration results and the status of the project in general


The use of flexible methodology allows us to obtain the finished fully functional product in the intermediate stage at the end of each cycle. We use this for providing the next version to the customer, who can, if desired, start the product exploitation even before reaching the final stage. The gradual increase in functionality allows users to adapt to system changes, unlike when they are provided with an almost completely reprocessed product. This has effect of reducing the training costs and feedback is received faster, which again allows making changes more rapidly in the business interests.

To minimize the chance of the side effects due to the changes introduced, we use automated testing in the development of solutions. Automated testing has repeatedly proved its effectiveness and contributes to improving the quality of the product.